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Ten Natural Laws, #3: Inner Peace

John Owens

Ten Natural Laws, #3: Achieve Inner Peace by Resonating With Your Core Values Daily

Can you remember a time in your life when everything was going perfectly? When you felt fully alive, peaceful, and resonating with all that is? Take a moment to put yourself there again. Breathe into it and notice whatever it is you are experiencing. What is that like for you?

When your daily activities reflect your core values, you experience inner peace. It doesn’t take effort so much as mindfulness to align your core values, actions and thoughts into a single wholeness of being. Suddenly the internal voices that we all have, advising us about what we should or shouldn’t be, or should or shouldn’t do, quiet down so that we can hear and feel how who we are being and our life purpose have become one. For most, if not all of us, this is a powerful and often profoundly joyful experience.

I’ll share one such experience I had a that illustrates this alignment of actions and values. I had just decided that I would take my first coaching classes, and I was about to make the call to register. I had been searching for a way that would work for me in helping others transform their lives and live purposefully. A friend had suggested I look into coaching as a possible way for me. I was to learn later how much that commitment would help me to live my values of caring for, and deeply respecting, others, and my value of creating sacred space to do courageous work. As I reached over to pick up the phone to register for the classes, I was astonished to see my hand shaking! The hair on my arms stood up with goose bumps. I stopped moving momentarily, and checked myself out. Yes, I felt fear, that good kind of fear I feel when entering into the unknown of much greater possibilities. I also felt my heart peaceful, singing. I realized suddenly that I was meeting my destiny. I completed my call, and have since felt many, many moments of deep fulfillment and joy in my coaching career.

We are all striving for that feeling of fulfillment that gives us deep inner peace and connection to self and others. What are you doing to make that a daily occurrence for yourself? Here’s a few tips to get you going:

  • Know your values. Being aware of what makes you tick goes a long way towards making the daily choices — both big and little — that will honor your values in thought and deed. Engaging a life coach can help greatly in finding your core values, and there are other ways (see blog #2 from last week for pointers).
  • Pick one of your values that you want to honor more of in your life. It need not be your most important value. Pick something that will be easy for you to take action on. The key is to get moving with success right away.
  • Plan, or set a firm intention, every day to do something to express that value. If you value ‘family,’ set aside some amount of time, even 15 minutes each day, to be fully present and connected to a family member. If you value ‘fun,’ do something that is fun for you, like dance with your partner or kids, play a game, or make funny faces with someone you’re close to. The possibilities are endless. What is important is to take action, and notice how you feel while you are doing it.
  • Celebrate your success. I can’t emphasize this enough. Too much in our culture we do something, check off the To Do List box, and just move on to the next thing as if nothing important happened. Reward yourself and others you take with you in honoring your values. A fist pump, a dance move, a song you sing are simple, immediate things that you can do to celebrate. Use your large muscles when you celebrate to help anchor the feeling of peace and joy in your body. Breathe, and notice what you feel. Lock in your joy, and you will find it increasingly easy to seek out the things that will help you feel that joy. This is training your brain to seek success and inner peace!
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