About MooseHeart Coaching

About my business name: MooseHeart Coaching. Let me explain what is behind those words, and you can begin to see how it fits with who I am and what I have to offer my clients.


The Moose is my power animal. For tens of thousands of years, people have been fascinated with their spirit connections to the animal kingdom. Ancient Egyptians put the heads of animals on human bodies to represent their gods. Hindus have done similarly, as, for example, Ganesha (or Ganapati), the elephant-headed deity who is the Remover of Obstacles. And each Hindu deity is associated with an animal, be it a swan for the goddess Saraswati, or the tiger for the god of destruction, Siva, etc… Native Americans often were visited by animals in dreams and visions, which they took as a part of the spoken name because there was a connection between them and their totem animal.
From an early age I have identified with the moose. When I am lost in the figurative swamp of life, the moose knows the way to get through to high ground. It can walk or swim through deep water as well as tread the ground, and it is, for me, a large and powerful ally to protect against any predator foe. The moose, according to author and shaman Ted Andrews in his book, Animal Speak, is full of apparent contradiction: strange to behold, yet majestic; seemingly awkward, but graceful in movement. The moose is in its element in water, representing feminine energy, as well as on land. It has the ability to dive deep to the bottom of the lake to bring up food. This reflects the moose’s ability to reach into the depths to bring up new life and nourishment. And the (male) moose has huge antlers, like antennae, that symbolically represent great sensitivity and intuition. I resonate with that description!
The moose, as a power animal for me, lends me a measure of these qualities and abilities that I use in my coaching. You, too, may have one or more power animals that you know of, or are yet to discover as allies on your journey.


The heart is the center of your being. When you point to “I”, you point to your heart, not your head or belly or hand. Heart is the source of your being, your intelligence, your power and connection to our world. Think of threads emanating from your heart to all the things you are consciously connected to, like invisible nerves that transmit messages and energy from end to end.
The Being of Light is found through your heart. Though your brain is an incredibly powerful tool, no amount of thinking alone will get you to courageously move through your deep fears to stand on what is on the other side of fear. Your brain can come up with some elaborate and crafty workarounds to your fears, but it takes more than workarounds to make authentic change in your life. Authentic change is seldom easy. Though you have to take the steps on your own, it is easier, faster and more enduring when you can make authentic change with the support of others, particularly those who have done heroic work themselves and have a desire and gift to guide the way. This is one powerful way that a heart-to-heart connection between us can make a big difference in your life. This is the “fierce love that I bring to Open Hearts.”


I believe each human being contains what I call a ‘Being of Light’. This being holds your core values, your life’s mission, and your life’s purpose. The being of light is connected to all living things, fully awake, brilliant, creative, resourceful, and flawless. To fully live as the being of light that you are is to be your authentic self, to step into deep fulfillment, to resonate with your core values, enjoy richly rewarding relationships, and live powerfully. This is a radical change for most of us, yet it can happen for you, step by step.

What holds you separate from your being of light are the messages, both external and those that you have internalized, that limit your thinking, behavior, and relationships to yourself and others. Over time, through practice and reinforcement of these limiting messages, you get stuck, and you are unable or unwilling to access parts of that being of light. What you imagine and how you live become increasingly constricted. For many, by the time we hit our forties we are itching for something different and more fulfilling than the status quo.

Part of our job as adults is to recognize the disconnect, or dissonance, between how you act or think, and who you are and are called to become as the being of light. If you are feeling that dissonance (be it angst, frustration, defeat, restlessness or anxiety) you will want to reconnect with your source of power.

To do that you will need to break through your old habits of thinking and doing to rewrite your story, to change your life’s trajectory, and to live your life purposefully and with fulfillment. You do get to have it all!

Coaching focuses on the present and future, on who you are and who you are becoming. As a coach I hold my clients as naturally creative, resourceful and whole – there is nothing wrong with you, and no need to ‘fix’ you. You are the expert in your life, and have within you all the tools and resources you need to make profound changes in your life and for the lives of others around you.

Coaching is foremost a transformative relationship, one that is designed around your needs, goals and personality. As your coach, I explore with you your core values, those that you resonate with deeply. We develop a portrait of who that being of light is. We identify areas where you want greater fulfillment and connection in your life. We articulate your goals in coaching, and through exercises between sessions you are given opportunities to explore changes in thinking and behavior that expand your life scope and range, bring you to your goals, and enrich your life. Coaching is not therapy. While both coaching and therapy can be transformative for the client, therapy is focused on the present and past, and on healing psychic wounds. Coaching and psychological therapy are compatible, and occasionally therapy may be recommended along with coaching.