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Benefits of Coaching with MooseHeart


You will get clarity about who you are and where you stand. Major changes are most often not made by just doing it alone. When you are clear about who you are in relationship to the change you want for your world, you are better ready to make it happen.


Connection to your authentic self: in your busy world of juggling multiple agendas, and running fast to meet all the demands put upon you, sometimes you may lose yourself. Working with John as your coach will help you hear your inner, authentic voice clearly and ground you in your power.

Powerful Choice

Be at Powerful Choice in every moment: Maybe you feel like you have no other choice but the (lousy) one handed to you. By changing your perspective, you can discover new alternatives to being and doing around any circumstances. I will teach you this simple technique for opening up a world of possibility to make powerful choices even when you feel most constrained.


Empowerment to make major changes and achieve big goals: Self-limiting messages from both inside and outside you can take the wind out of your sails to the point you boat does not sail far, or even get out of the dock. Working with me as your skilled coach can help you re-write those old limiting messages and put a powerful wind into your sails to get where you want to go.


Discover and work with your internal allies and energies: Within you are untapped resources, parts of you that can both guide you and help you to live powerfully in your full Magnificence. Let John introduce you to your inner allies and archetypes and learn to use them to get what you most deeply want.

Purpose and Mission

Discover and connect with your Life Purpose and Mission. I believe that every human life has meaning and a purpose for being. Your Life Purpose is why you are here. Your mission tells you how you serve the world and what you create with it. If you are wondering where you fit into the universe, and what you can do from your authentic self to serve your Life Purpose, MooseHeart Coaching can help you find your way.


Our attention can be a powerful gift and tool. Learn to listen and communicate in a way that others feel heard and seen. Learn to design alliances with others to make relationships clear, clean, healthy and fulfilling. John is skilled in helping his clients with emotional intelligence (EQ), social intelligence, and systems intelligence. These skills and understandings are the best indicators for managerial and leadership success, be that in business or in any relationship you have.


Establish your Legacy: Just as we stand upon the shoulders of our ancestors and teachers who have gone before us, there are others who stand upon our shoulders to learn and benefit from our having lived. Leverage your life far into the future by understanding what your life’s creation and intention means for your posterity. Put together a plan and create a legacy for those you love to keep alive your memory, teachings, and gifts to the world. Truly, a piece of us will never perish as long as we are remembered and loved by others.