10 Natural Laws: #1: Controlling your time

John Owens

10 Natural Laws: #1

You control your life by controlling your time.

All too often, we let circumstances take over control of our lives. Today, I set out to write several blog posts. That was at 11 AM. I got distracted when the phone rang, and talked to a friend for awhile. Then I looked at me email inboxes, followed a few links…next I knew, it was 12:30, and time for lunch. It’s now 4:45 PM; finally I’m getting started on my task. Hours of my life slipped away from me forever as I let reaction to those circumstances take over and prevail. I’m feeling crabby and unfulfilled, angry at myself for wasting a good part of my day.

This happens to all of us from time to time. It gets dangerous when our important/not urgent intentions get sidelined for days and weeks on end. And it is so easy for that to happen. So if controlling my life is controlling my time, what can I do to better control my time? Here’s some tips:

  • Create a structure that supports your Life Agenda. There are always some actions we can do that support us in becoming our bigger, better self. Create a schedule or rhythm to your day that promotes you working on those important-but-not-urgent tasks. My rhythm includes getting up by 7 AM each morning and being ready for any type of work by 9 o’clock. I can depend on myself to be ready on any given day.
  • Schedule what’s important. If writing this blog is important for me to do, I can put it on my calendar to spend 45 minutes at 11 AM to put into writing. It’s on my calendar, and it alarms me 5 minutes before I planned to start so I can clear off my desk area and be ready to roll.
  • Turn off distractions. Some people are motivated by music. Some are distracted by it. Close down your web browser if you tend to look at emails. Close your door and pull the cord on your phone. The world will not come to an end if you are not available for a couple of hours (belay that if you are an emergency responder). It can be a miracle-worker to design a little with your partner that these two hours today are your quiet time, DND.
  • Reward yourself! Do something that helps anchor the feeling of satisfaction with having completed a task or commitment in your body. Dance a little; twirl around on your chair; give yourself a hug. My advice is to use your large muscles when you celebrate, and let it into your heart that you feel celebration for controlling your time and life.
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