What is Coaching?

John Owens Professional Certified Coach, PCC, CPCC

The original meaning of ‘coach’ is a vehicle that moves people where they want to go, faster than they can go by foot.

As a professional co-active coach I am trained to listen, to observe, and to customize my approach to your individual needs. I seek to elicit solutions and strategies from you; I believe that you are naturally creative and resourceful. My job as coach is to provide you support to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that you already have.

There are many people who call themselves a coach who have little or no training. Some of them are very good, and many of them are more aptly called consultants. A few are a discredit to the profession.

When searching for a coach that fits your needs, look for credentialing from International Coach Federation, or certification from an accredited coach training school such as CTI. This will ensure that the coach you hire is competently trained.

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Testimonials from MooseHeart Coaching Clients

John is a great comfort through challenging times, and a great challenger through comfortable times. John is a great listener, ally, and perspective expander. I’ve found many discoveries in me much faster than I would have believed possible. John makes coaching me all about my needs and my solutions. I feel respected and whole working with John. Thanks John, you are GREAT!

Mark Mueller-Dahl

Being coached by John Owens opened doors I thought had been opened with my years of therapy. However, my door was opened only a crack. His approach has unfolded a deeper me. John’s guiding ways are not for those who want to skim the surface of life. Working with John is highly recommended for those that want to live beyond.
Thanks, John, for creating a bigger life for me!

Irma Jennings

Holistic Bone Coach

John’s ability to ride the waves of my different moods and perspectives helped me go deeper into creating a new and powerful self-image. This has allowed me to live from a foundation that I have needed to make a major change in my life in a healthy way. John’s coaching skills helped me to feel the support of someone who’s caring is a significant force, who listens and yet challenges me to take notice of where I am and have keep me taking steps in the direction of my heart. I am very grateful to John for his special and sensitive intuition.
Thank you, John and I highly recommend your coaching skills to help cultivate
your clients’ larger self and potential for life to be enjoyed.

Kate Fredrickson

Mr. Owens, Thank you for helping J****. The change in him is wonderful. I am glad to have happy, healthy J**** back!

L. M

wife of client

In just a short time of coaching with John we reached my goal of clarity with my life’s purpose. I felt really listened to and drawn out to talk about those things which I needed to deal with. John is a good reflector: when I said something it was clearly reflected back to me so that I understood what I had said.

Leif Nestingen

John has helped me realize my own passion to make a difference in the world. He’s helped me to live a more authentic life. John provided me some powerful tools to help me move my business forward from a perspective that includes all of me, not just one or two facets of who I am. And importantly, I’ve learned to say no to some of the things that no longer serve me.

John has a facility to bring out the best in people. He asks me powerful questions to lead me to my own answers. He provides unlimited support and encouragement to help me get in touch with my own truth. John’s occasional challenges were delivered with love and with his belief in me that I can expand my own life through those challenges. His challenge to me to leave my comfort zone to reach others was incredibly helpful and led to my personal success.

John’s coaching consistently reminds me of my own value to the world when I get into a funk and start doubting myself. He has reminded me that there’s more to me than I think I am. Now I believe that I’m a smart, intelligent and gifted individual with a lot to offer others.

Denny Stockdale

coach and client

Coaching with John, I have been able to realize great change and growth by clarifying my Life-Dreams, writing my first-ever business plan, and starting my new business. Coaching has been the single most effective external factor in my recent successes. I have received great support for the personal work required in this major push for me.

John has a giant heart that he has used with deep commitment to me to support me in my wholeness. Working with John has been inspirational, nourishing, strengthening and challenging. Working with John Owens as my Life Coach has been one of the smartest investments of time and resource I’ve ever made.

Peter Thomas

John has been my coach for two years and I can’t imagine having a better one. I like the way he meets me where I am and helps me get right to the heart of the matter with humor and sensitivity. I inevitably end up in a better place at the end or one of our sessions. I also appreciate his total acceptance and positive enthusiasm. He is my greatest backer.

Bruce Hanson


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(John and Sujata Owens)
John brings a rich and wide-ranging life experience to his coaching. At an early age he became active in working with youth groups for peace and social change in the 1960’s. During his college years in the 1970’s, he took off twelve months to live in India and learn first-hand about Indian family life, language and culture in the city of Pune in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This experience of living in a completely strange place among “strangers” who took him in as a family member had a profound effect on John’s life.
He promised himself and his Indian family he would return one day. In 1986 John returned to India, and there, with a little help from his friends, met love of his life and partner, Sujata.