Services Offered

New Services Offerings from MooseHeart Coaching!

Now you have a choice of three options:

     Fast Track to Fulfillment

  • Start coaching immediately!
  • Two 30-minute sessions per month by phone
  • Unlimited between-session brief support by email or text
  • $175.00 per month
  • Three month commitment*

This option is for people who want to dive right into coaching and get results now. It will work best when you are focused on a well-defined goal, and are disciplined in your approach to life. Thirty-minute coaching sessions are fast and to the point.


     Standard Coaching Package

  • Three hours of Discovery and Goals Sessions (first month)
  • Three 45-minute coaching sessions per month by phone
  • Unlimited between-session brief support by email or text
  • Free book delivered to your address
  • $300.00 per month
  • Four month minimum commitment

This option works best for most people who want to make a strong commitment to their long-term growth and fulfillment. Discovery explores what makes you who you are from your core values. Longer 40-minute sessions allow time to explore your topics with depth and feeling. I recommend this especially for those new to coaching.


     Presidential Services

  • Three hours of Discovery and Goals Sessions (first month)
  • Unlimited coaching sessions each month by phone
  • Up to one hour per session
  • Unlimited between-session support by your choice of media
  • Free book delivered to your address every 6 months
  • $750.00 per month
  • Three month minimum commitment

If I were coach to the President, this is the service that I would offer: The ultimate in support for transformation, and maintaining fulfilling change. If you have a critical project or goal that you long to move forward today, or a desire to free yourself immediately from your chains of self-limiting beliefs, this is the package for you. This level of coaching will keep you on track aligning your head, heart and actions. You will have a dependable resource for compassionate truth-telling and accountability. I recommend this level of service for those with a great sense of urgency for change, and a willingness to go deep to face what gets in the way of unstoppable momentum and dynamic aliveness.


Effective coaching involves the whole person, not just one’s career or athletic performance or relationships. To make big breakthroughs, and to make them last, it takes more than just discipline and determination. You as client have to bring your values fully into the picture, as well as approach your goal with a clear and practical plan. You also need to celebrate along the way, to anchor in your body the blessings and good feelings of a job well done. This sustains you for the long haul, and helps you build on your successes. Your coach helps you do this effectively and efficiently.

MooseHeart Coaching focuses primarily on Life Coaching. Here are some of the life issues that my coaching experience can help you to make breakthrough discovery and progress.

Legacy Creation:

Have you already set an intention to make your life meaningful beyond your days? Now it’s time to make and act on a plan. It is not enough to dream. Dream big enough to contain your greater self, and then plan how to do the work. Don’t sell yourself and posterity short. John is ready to assist you in crystallizing your dream to build an authentic legacy as your gift to the world and to yourself.

Project Progress:

Is there a book you long to write? A vacation excursion you have dreamed of taking since your college years? Maybe it is an idea for a business you have, but just never get around to making happen. You might feel stuck or blocked, or just plain scared to make the change. In coaching, you get to explore those buried or postponed wants and bring them front and center. Understand what is important about taking action toward these projects, and get the support you need to realize them.

Midlife Change:

So what got you to where you are now isn’t working well anymore? Let’s take a look under the hood together, and see what’s inside. John is an experienced guide for you to discover and connect with your internal world. Reignite the flames of your passion. Discover and fulfill your life’s purpose and mission.


Find your inner Warrior or Amazon, and learn to effectively use your sword and shield in service for the good of your world. Step into your Sovereign (King / Queen) power to command your life. Learn to balance your Warrior and Sovereign energies with your inner Lover and Magician energies for wholeness, balance, and effective action. John will explore these energies with you, assess where growth will serve you best, and develop a co-active program with you to strengthen and balance your archetypal energies.


Is it difficult for you to access and feel your emotions? Do you want to improve your emotional IQ and deepen your relationships by becoming emotionally literate, using your feelings to help guide you in life toward authentic fulfillment? John can teach you to slow down and notice how you BE, as well as DO.

Major Transition:

When divorce, bereavement, major illness or job loss happens, it shakes your world to its foundations. John will help you sort through the rubble of your crumbled structure to find what is authentic to build on to create anew your life, stronger and more meaningful. Every wound we receive is an invitation for discovering and living our life’s mission through service to the world. This is a time when a person needs a dependable ally. John can coach you through the valley to what lies on the other side.


Of all the life skills, self-management is the most important to living the life of our dreams. We all have our gremlins, that part of us that keeps us safe and small. Sometimes they can take over and start driving the vehicle of our lives, with miserable results. Learn to identify your gremlins and get them out of the driver’s seat. Get organized, and plan your life for your success, not in spite of your gremlins, but by training them to serve you.

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