My Clients

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I Coach Clients Who…

I coach clients who want to build a legacy that uses their most cherished gifts to enrich their lives and their communities.

I coach clients undergoing a life transition, such as retirement, midlife changes, divorce, death of an intimate, or a major career change. There changes can be painful, yet each is an opportunity for greater self-awareness, self-acceptance, and deeper fulfillment in life and relationships.

I use archetypal imaging in my coaching, and teach access to, and deep understanding of, the Lover, Warrior, Magician and Sovereign archetypes, and how to use these as powerful allies in one’s life.

I help my clients to go from “coping” lifestyles of getting through each day to “fulfilling” lives of empowered choice and resonance between core values and the life one lives.

I coach skills for successfully communicating with the midbrain or subconscious to bring transformative and lasting changes in perspectives, self-beliefs, and interpersonal relationships.

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