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What I Have Learned from Pain

Last month I wrote about what I have learned from fear. Now I’d like to share some things I’ve learned from pain. Though pain is a sensation and not an emotion, we will almost always have an accompanying emotion with … Continue reading

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Communicating Without Controlling Part II: Speaking Your Wants

This is the second in my blog series on Communication. This material comes from Susan Campbell’s book, Saying What’s Real. I find her suggestions have been extremely helpful to me to further develop with my partner our intimacy and trust. … Continue reading

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Communicating Without Controlling: Part I

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One of my favorite books on relationship is Susan Campbell’s Saying What’s Real. She claims that research shows that “nearly 90% of human communication comes from (the usually unconscious) intent to control.”  Think about that for a moment. Ninety percent of … Continue reading

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Feel resentful when (s)he comes home?

Have you ever gone away from home for a few days, leaving your spouse to ‘hold the fort’, and on returning home, feeling all smiles and joy, you were greeted with a gruff, resentful partner? You were on the road, … Continue reading

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I’ve written extensively on the Ten Natural Laws (see my earlier blogs). Each of these laws relates to an insight that can give a more meaningful and fulfilled life by aligning your thoughts and actions with what is inherently authentic … Continue reading

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In summer I put out hummingbird feeders with suction cups on my bay window. This year we were blessed with an abundance of these creatures’ visits. What a marvel to watch them, hovering motionlessly, with their glorious cloak of iridescent … Continue reading

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