John brings a rich and wide-ranging life experience to his coaching. At an early age he became active in working with youth groups for peace and social change in the 1960’s. During his college years in the 1970’s, he took off twelve months to live in India and learn first-hand about Indian family life, language and culture in the city of Pune in the Indian state of Maharashtra. This experience of living in a completely strange place among “strangers” who took him in as a family member had a profound effect on John’s life. He promised himself and his Indian family he would return one day. In 1986 John returned to India, and there, with a little help from his friends, met love of his life and partner, Sujata.

John and Sujata Owens

John and  Sujata have blended their perspectives over the years into a unique and dynamic relationship of mutual support, admiration, and deep spiritual closeness. John has also held a career until recently as a food scientist, engineer and project manager for thirty five years, which he considers to be his “left-brained work.” John has been committed to a path of self-discovery and self-healing through several associations and techniques, including Re-evaluation Co-counseling, and a commitment to leadership, service and rediscovery of the sacred masculine through the New Warriors / ManKind Project.

After nearly 30 years of personal development work, John has recently made a commitment to taking his knowledge and appreciation for the human spirit to a wider community through life coaching. John is a certified graduate of The Coaches Training Institute, completing his certification as Certified Professional Co-active Coach (CPCC) in October 2008, and obtaining his International Coach Federation (ICF) credential of Associate Certified Coach (ACC) in the same year. John also has expressed his commitment to young men by facilitating a year-long program for teenage boys at a local Charter School.

John brings a powerfully committed and creative energy to his coaching work, as he does to his life. John describes his life mission as, ‘I bring fierce Love to Open Hearts’. He does this with compassion and deep caring for the soul of each human being. The fierce love he brings is to call forth what is brilliant and magnificent into being and action.

John brings a deep set of skills and coaching talents to his practice. Through years of practice, he is able to listen to you, the person; to witness the whole person that lives beyond the words that are spoken. His clients can sense John’s presence in a telephone call as if he were physically present, so attuned is he to what is happening in the session. John has a highly developed intuition that he brings into coaching sessions to add new dimensions to the client’s learning and thought process. Above all, John is a master in the art of calling forth what is the very best in his clients. He offers you deep and loving support, encouragement and vision of your magnificence and potential. John’s fierce and compassionate love will hold you through the challenges of change and transformation, and celebrate with you the milestones along your life’s journey.