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On Resistance

A few months ago, I had decided that it would be in my best interests as a professional life coach to facilitate a tele-class on the subject of committing our hearts to be open and at peace. The topic is … Continue reading

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There is No Such Thing as Overwhelm

What? No such thing? In this age where we are multitasking to meet all the demands of job and family and health and technology and…Am I crazy? There’s no such thing as overwhelm? Then what are we all feeling so … Continue reading

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Grounding Charges with Others

Do you have dealings with people that leave you feeling really angry, scared or sad? Do you feel an inclination to blame that person for leading you to where you feel these intense feelings that set your heart at war? … Continue reading

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10 Natural Laws #10: Give More and You Will Have More

Nice guys finish last. The early bird gets the worm. It’s a dog eat dog world. We’ve all heard these quotes, and there is a measure of truth in them. They reflect a perspective or belief that life is a … Continue reading

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