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Ten Natural Laws, #5: Daily Planning Leverages Time Through Increased Focus

I get up on Saturday morning, with nothing definite to do, and like magic, the day evaporates in activity traps like email, crosswords, reading the newspaper and emptying the garbage. Suddenly, it’s 5 o’clock, and time to cook dinner. I … Continue reading

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Ten Natural Laws, #4: To Reach Any Significant Goal You Must Leave Your Comfort Zone

There is a part of me that responds to the words of this blog title with fear and loathing. I don’t like it that, once again, I’ll have to leave my small circle of comfort to reach a significant goal. … Continue reading

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Ten Natural Laws, #3: Achieve Inner Peace by Resonating With Your Core Values Daily

Can you remember a time in your life when everything was going perfectly? When you felt fully alive, peaceful, and resonating with all that is? Take a moment to put yourself there again. Breathe into it and notice whatever it … Continue reading

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Ten Natural Laws #2: Your Governing Values Are the Foundation of Your Fulfillment

Every one of us humans has a set of core values that make us who we are. These core values are like the DNA of our soul. Our values must be expressed, or bad things happen to us and others … Continue reading

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